The Study Fine Wines & Spirits

established in 2010

Photo by:  Chantel Allen

Photo by: Chantel Allen


After many years of working as a manager and sommelier for a Michelin star restaurant in New York City, Katie Goldberg happily resolved to leave restaurant work and focus on the aspect of the job she had come to study and love most... wine. Katie returned to her home state of Connecticut, determined to open a wine shop focused on service and education. While searching for the right opportunity and location, Katie created a three-part Wine 101 class series called Wine for Jugheads with the mission of "educating without snobbery" which she taught throughout Connecticut and New York.  

Teaming up with her husband Noah Goldberg, also a Certified Specialist of Wine, Katie found her ideal location in Back Country Greenwich. In a 550 square foot library-like storefront Katie and Noah, opened The Study Fine Wine and Spirits in 2010. After seven years of growing the business The Study Fine Wine and Spirits moved across the street and expanded as part of the revitalization of the Banksville shopping plaza.

Although the space is bigger, Katie and Noah have stayed true to the original vision of the store. There is a wingback chair, a record player, books and objects d’art both relevant and obscure. Every bottle of wine has an individualized tag with a description, comment or pairing idea. Noah, a musician by training, houses his upright bass and piano in the shop and through the year will play music with friends including an annual holiday open house.

We believe that wine is one of the great pleasures of life. It has the capacity to enhance food, stimulate conversation and bring people together. Over the course of owning our store we have seen this in action. We have popped many bottles, made many great friends, seen families grow and started one of our own. Thoughtfully made wine allows us to indulge not only the immediate experience, but explore geography, history and the diverse farmers and vintners that share in this passion.  

It is a fact, not lost on us, that there are many dedicated shops and alternative ways of purchasing wine and so we thank you, sincerely, for visiting us.

-Katie & Noah